DCF Support Ends June 30, 2017

ARGUS® Software has been at the leading edge of commerical real estate analysis since 1985. Our industry has evolved, and so have we. ARGUS Enterprise® (AE) leverages the power of our legacy tools - DCF, Dyna and ValCap - and meets the demands of today's sophisticated real estate professionals. Watch the DCF-to-AE Video >>>

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Where is the Market?
We know working with your clients, partners, and vendors efficiently is critical for your business. With over 2000 companies making the switch, representing tens of thousands of users, it's important to make the transition and minimize disruption to your business.
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Getting Started in AE

Whether you are new to ARGUS or an experienced user in one of our legacy products getting started is quick and easy.

Don't have AE?

Talk to one of our account reps. They can help ensure you get the maximum value from your DCF license when you move to ARGUS Enterprise. On June 30, 2017, the value of your DCF licenses will be gone forever.

ARGUS DCF Customers who move to AE:

  • Get a discount for DCF licenses they own and maintain
  • Can use their Service Plan credit toward an AE upgrade
  • Will receive a transitional DCF license to ease transition

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Converting DCF Files
Importing DCF files into AE is easy with these three simple steps.

1. Calculate the file in ARGUS DCF


Ensure that your ARGUS DCF (.sf) file is calcuated. AE will use the calculated results to provide an audit report that compares the results.

2. Import the .sf file into AE


Import your .sf file into an AE portfolio.  This process takes just a few seconds.  Open your new model and get started immediately.

3. Review the audit report results


Review your model before you begin. In most cases, your models will be exactly the same. Help menu notes will assist you in working through any variances.


The latest version of ARGUS Enterprise has been engineered to work seamlessly with your ARGUS DCF file. But if you are having problems with converting your files or need help working on specific projects, we are here to help. We offer a DCF File Conversion Workshop webinar offering more details on conversions. Click here to register for an upcoming "DCF File Conversion Workshop" webinar. 

DCF Restricted Access Program: Beginning June 1, 2017, clients who are current on AE maintenance with DCF Transition Keys will have the ability to purchase a limited number of restricted access licenses, unsupported, at specific terms for Q3 and Q4 2017 to complete their final pieces of DCF business. 

For further assistance, email

Please Note: AE files are not backwards compatible to DCF. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this page for more information.



Frequently-Asked Questions

The market is moving to ARGUS Enterprise. As the new standard for valuations and asset and portfolio management, there is no better time than now.
  • What happens after June? Will DCF stop working for me? Will it stop working for everyone?

    Sale of ARGUS DCF licenses was discontinued on December 31, 2015, and after June 30, 2017, DCF will no longer be supported. This includes customer support (phone, email, and chat), installation support, product key troubleshooting, knowledgebase resources, and product updates and hotfixes. Customers with perpetual licenses of DCF will continue to retain the right to use this solution, though still unsupported.

  • What will happen to my transition key?

    All transition keys are set to expire on or before June 30, 2017. These licenses will no longer be functional on July 1, 2017. For this reason, we are encouraging all of our customers to actively plan their transitions and external communications now.

  • Can I open AE files in DCF?

    AE is not designed to be backwards compaitble to DCF; you have probably noticed a warning when you attempt to export an .avux file to .sf. While some files may convert without issue, any file that employs new functionality or modeling policies found in AE may result in a variance when putting the file back to DCF. ARGUS does not and will not support backwards conversion to DCF, and encourages all users to plan accordingly for June 30.

  • Why are you getting rid of DCF? Why are you stopping support of DCF?

    A lot has changed in the industry in the 30 years since DCF was first created. CRE investing has become more sophisticated and technology has improved. Based on client feedback on usability, functionality, and methodologies, AE was developed to fill the gaps that DCF could not both technologically and functionally. We leveraged the best features from our legacy products, especially DCF, to create AE. Our customers have found AE to be a significant improvement over DCF.

  • Will my cash flows and values change in AE vs DCF?

    In the large majority of cases the AE results from a DCF imported file will be exactly the same. In a some cases, you will notice slight variations in the way certain calculations are made. This may be due to AE having improved its functionality with a more robust calculation engine (example: daily calculations vs monthly calculation). In some very rare cases, there maybe larger variations due to the translation of DCF data into AE. In these cases, please contact our support team for more information. 

  • How do I check what version I am on?

    To find the version and product key/serial number information, open ARGUS Enterprise > Go to 'File' tab > Go to 'Help' tab > Application Version listed under 'About'.