WEBINAR: ARGUS Acquire™ Software Preview

    Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    10:30 am CT (45 mins)

    Join us for a sneak peek of ARGUS Acquire, a cloud-based application that strips away inefficiencies in every phase of the acquisitions process.

    Attend this webinar to learn how ARGUS Acquire lets acquisitions teams:
    • Streamline deal and model management
    • Gain a bird's-eye view on the team's progress
    • Seamlessly link deals to AE models stored in ARGUS Cloud
    • Access their pipeline anywhere, anytime
    • View all of the team's deals on one landing page



    Tom Hazeldine

    Product Manager, ARGUS Acquire

    Altus Group


    Jennifer Feighery

    Global Real Estate Solutions Expert

    Altus Group

    How ARGUS Acquire Helps Acquisitions Teams


    Understand the health of your pipeline

    • Gain unparalleled and instant visibility into all deals on one, flexible landing page
    • Understand and manage performance with metrics at a glance for quick updates
    • Visualize where the value lies in your pipeline so you know if your capital deployment target is at risk in order to easily judge the urgency of opportunity screening




    Track deal status easily and efficiently

    • Anyone on the team can see an up-to-date status on any deal, at any time
    • Drill down into a specific deal's tasks for more detail on outstanding tasks and obstacles that must be overcome
    • Search all closed deals for an internal comps database that is more efficient than combing through spreadsheets in a shared drive

    Identify and manage pipeline risk

    • Connect any existing AE or Excel models and use them in Acquire. Get visibility into the models being used to ensure that the right strategies are being deployed by your team
    • Utilize what-if analysis to rapidly understand the impact of changing some key assumptions on the model KPIs
    • Highlight risks and opportunities in a deal