Unveiling the ARGUS Cloud™ Infrastructure

    Thursday, October 25, 2018

    2:30 pm CT (30 mins)

    ARGUS Cloud will enable the next generation of ARGUS applications and give its users the ability to store, access and integrate with ARGUS Enterprise (AE) data to power the specific needs of your CRE organization.

    During this webinar, the Vice President of Product Management will discuss the benefits of adding ARGUS Cloud to your AE implementation. Features include the ability to:
    • Access and collaborate on AE files even when outside your organization's network
    • Seamlessly move your organization's models into a shared cloud database for storage
    • Use stored data and an industry standard calculation engine to power the next generation of ARGUS applications, such as ARGUS Acquire
    • Future ability to integrate with key systems that will send data stored in ARGUS Cloud to key real estate platforms, custom reports and applications



    Dhinaker Dhandi

    Vice President, Product Management


    Julian Martinez

    Global Real Estate Solutions Expert

    How ARGUS Cloud Benefits Users

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    • Access and collaborate on AE files even when outside of your organization's network
    • Improve collaboration by enabling third party users to access your ARGUS data
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    • Ability to store portfolio and property models in the cloud
    • Leverage the data in the cloud to integrate with ARGUS web apps and third party solutions


    • Industry standard calculation engine and functionality power web applications to address specific CRE challenges
    • Promotes the use of ARGUS modeling in various business processes


    • Leverage cloud technologies to build real time integrations with web products
    • New integration methodologies support extraction of model data