Altus Group CRE Innovation Report

Future-Proofing the CRE Industry

Is Commercial Real Estate's Innovation Curve Moving Fast Enough?

Once considered an alternative investment, Commercial Real Estate’s (CRE) position as a fourth asset class is now established and well-recognized. And while it represents an appealing income and yield opportunity compared to other asset classes, the sheer volume of global capital targeting CRE investment is pushing up valuations and compressing yields. 

Investors working in today’s on-demand culture and raised on a diet of instant access to information on their investments in bonds and equities, increasingly expect data visibility, accuracy and transparency in real time from their CRE investments. Technology is driving change in the industry to meet these expectations, with CRE leaders prioritizing technology and process improvement.
But…the big question is: Is the industry investing fast enough in IT innovation and data-specific CRE technology?

The Results are In

ARGUS Software, Voyanta and Altus Group recently commissioned IDC to conduct a global research survey on the state of technology innovation in the CRE industry.

The Altus Group CRE Innovation Report, based on the global survey results, provide a unique look at adoption of data-driven CRE technology innovation and the risks of not innovating quickly enough.

This report addresses the following questions:

  • How can the industry take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities available?
  • What are the gaps and opportunities in the use of data, analytics and reporting and their impact on decision-making and investor returns?
  • What can the CRE industry do to future-proof itself?
  • What do they feel will be their biggest challenges?

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